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This log band saw is designed for professional use. Our customers are full-time custom sawyers and above all sawmills that use our main log band saw as a main saw or as a hardwood saw.

Mangelsen sawmill

The second largest softwood sawmill in Schleswig-Holstein is growing steadily. The company Mangelsen was established in 1993 and cuts about 11,000 solid cubic metres of timber in a year with 15 employees. Recently, Jörg Mangelsen purchased the fifth band saw. As the "the first blue" of Zenz Landtechnik, this also convinces with its stability and cutting accuracy. This saw runs like a sewing machine, in the words of the owner. Well equipped with PLC control and professional line operation (here the entire saw is operated via two joysticks) and many other useful accessories, Mangelsen set about cutting the 25-metre long mast from Douglas fir for the sailing yacht Hanseatic cog.  

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Our log band saws

BN 110 S

Z 140 S

Z 160 S

Sawing systems


Log band saws developed, designed and built entirely by the company Zenz stand for:


The Wimmer saw gets its name from its developer Bernhard Wimmer, who has more than 20 years of practical experience in custom cutting. For some years now, the company Zenz has been continuously developing this log band saw and has expanded the product range of Wimmer saws. Our designer Josef Schußmüller owns his own log band saw and therefore has a great deal of practical experience.

Long life cycle

All moving parts are provided with wear bushings or plates. For you, this means they just need to be replaced and you do not have to purchase any expensive machine parts. Many companies in Estonia, Latvia, Ukraine and Siberia have been sawing for many years with our log band saws in continuous use, i.e. about 8,000 hours per year and average a cutting capacity of up to 1200 solid cubic metres per month.


There is no compromise for us here. Our base frame is welded. We design our log band saws from scratch for the respective diameter. From the base frame with a standard sturdy beam to powerful hydraulic components to a solid Wimmer saw head with sufficiently large cast wheels and sturdy guides, all parts of the Wimmer saw are tailored to the respective clearance diameter.

In-house production


Since the entire production takes place in-house, we can cater to almost all customer requests. These requests are discussed in-house directly with our designer (Mr. Schußmüller) and the production manager (Mr. Albusberger). The direct route saves money and avoid misunderstandings. Due to the modular design of our log band saw, our customers receive their dream saw at a reasonable price.


Operational safety

We have succeeded in constructing an accurate, reliable log band saw without much technical falderal. In production and assembly, we use standard parts almost exclusively, which also makes a supply of spare parts on site possible. However, if you should need our help, our service department is available to you at any time.

Special equipment

The demand for log band saws is growing and the conditions of use are becoming more diverse. That is why we design structures specially for our customers for all of our log band saws.

Blade maintenance service

It does the best log band saw no good if the saw blades are not in a good condition, which is why we offer you a complete blade maintenance service.


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